Replacement Housing Services Consortium

An Innovative Home Builder

5200 Willson Road, Suite 150,
Edina, MN   55424


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by Jim Asbury, Broker, Realtor

Having worked with Lon on a number of homes over the years, I have come to know and respect the high level of quality which he brings to each project. Lon takes a long-term view of each home he works on, and in doing so creates many new satisfied clients. He offers a good value, and in my experience, he always puts what is best for the clients first. Lon and the homes he helped to create are exceptional.

Jim Asbury

What are you most proud of about your business?

We think our motto “innovation + tradition= enduring value” is representative of the work we do. With each client, we strive to combine contemporary thinking with classic technique because we feel this is the best method to fulfill needs both immediate and long term.

At RHSC we help our clients build their dream home. But because no two clients are the same, we know that our service can never be, either. So each time we help a client build or renovate their home, we are constantly adapting and changing our techniques, because your home should be as unique as you are.

Our business offers three distinct services. We consult with each client, ensuring that they’re getting exactly what they need.

Our services:

• Replacement; in which we create a wholly new residence for the client from the ground up.

• Transformation; in which we significantly alter the appearance and function of a home.

• Retrofit; in which we are able to extend the usefulness and life of your home with the addition of substantial new improvements.