Klein Group Remodeling

A one-man show with the expertise of a whole crew

4532 Terracewood Drive
Bloomington, MN   55437


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by Ingrid Friel, Realtor

David Klein is an experienced remodeler. He has been in business over 13 years and works on a wide range of projects from designing and building additions to sheet rock repair. Of course he and his team focus on kitchen and bath remodels for the core of their business. He also works for investors on whole-house rehab projects throughout the metro area. He grew up in South Minneapolis and knows old-homes inside and out and loops in architect colleagues when the design requires it. Reach out to him by email or phone to discuss your wish list of home improvement projects and meet with him to brainstorm designs and get the job done. David is collaborative and can work with you on your design to stay within your budget. Let him know I recommended him!

Ingrid Friel