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Custom Door Sales, Inc.

Quality Garage Doors and Openers

5005 Hillsboro Ave. No
New Hope, MN   55428


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by Jim Asbury, Broker, Realtor

Ron, Amy and Dean, owners of Custom Door Sales, sell residential and commercial garage doors. I love my new door and so do my neighbors. Our board of directors decided it was time to install new garage doors. We sought competitive bids, did our investigating work, examined each of the contender’s product and then chose Custom Door Sales to install doors. After fourteen different doors were installed without a single complaint, I am very comfortable with this endorsement. If interested in improving your home’s curb appeal there is no easier or affordable way than by installing a new garage door. I am sure you will be pleased. They offer doors, openers and provide service work for existing doors and openers.

Jim Asbury